Scientific Support Services

The center provides a range of support services for researchers and scholars in order to prepare research and products that are compatible with the center's objectives, as follows:

Scientific arbitration

The center is concerned with the scientific arbitration for all its products, for research, scientific letters, books or creative works, related to King Abdullah and his biography, interests and achievements, through cooperation with a group of arbitrators with research experience in order to raise the level of the products, and determine their suitability for publication.


Managing the translation work at the center and developing its technical and administrative standards and regulations, where we are inspired to translate everything related to the biography of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, and all that related to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during his reign in different fields, including: (news, literature, audio and video recordings, and photos) to provide a holistic view and accessible materials to all members of society, and to introduce on a deeper level, the King of Humanity, his honorable biography, and his great achievements, presented in English in a simple way.

Proof Reading

Reviewing the materials which the center is planning to produce in terms of editing, verifying the validity and checking if there are any linguistic and spelling errors, and the clarity of the language and style.

Data Analysis

Providing all suitable means in the study, analysis and examination of the products that the center intends to acquire and then publish them in accordance with its objectives.

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